Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Owned by a cat

“Dogs have owners, cats have staff” I have no idea who initially made that statement, but it's apt. Our grey tabby cat is small, only about 7 pounds, but she's all attitude. Even though she is an indoor cat, since the weather got cooler, she's decided to be a lap-sitting kitty. Of course once she hops onto my lap, she thinks I should remain still as long as SHE needs me to.
This cat is definitely the ruler of the roost. There are cat toys all over. She has scratching post with a top on which she sits, and a “cat tree”, a carpeted pole with 3 small shelves at varying heights. She will run and jump onto the “tree's” highest shelf when she is playing. Sometimes she just sits on it to watch out the window, or even to take a nap. She is great at napping. Cats do sleep a lot. And they are often up during the night while the humans are trying to sleep. 3 a.m. is prime run-around-the-house time!

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