Monday, November 23, 2015

letter writing

Monday evening....It's been a day of odds and ends. It was a day off, mostly. I drove by the church building and took photos of the roofing crew at work, then emailed pics to the church secretary and put one on Facebook. I also went to the riverfront and took some pics. A highlight of the day was getting a letter from a dear friend who lives in another city. She and I have been friends since grade school! We've both had ups and downs, and we don't always stay in touch as well as we'd like. So a nice long letter was a real treat. And I am grateful that I had time to write a nice long letter back to her! My note to her has a Maya Angelou stamp on it, and hers to me has a Jimi Hendrix stamp :) We are both proud children of the Baby Boom era! Glad our US Postal Service honors such a variety of people on stamps. It's a fun way to add some “personality” to mail.

I must admit, I do not write letters often. When I do, I type, my handwriting was always bad and it's gotten worse over the years. I can type faster than I can write longhand. When I have “serious” writing to do, like a sermon or bible study, then I do make notes longhand on a writing tablet, or write it out completely that way. Not sure why, but when I am 'stuck', writing longhand seems to help. I have read that writing longhand stimulates more areas of the brain than typing on a computer. So for a recent start to a writing project, I bought a set of writing tablets, in different colors, and gel pens. I haven't done all that much with them, but they look great!

So I am “catching up” on my blog posts. I pray it's been a nice day for you too, dear reader. Shalom.

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