Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Traditions

Ooops, behind in my blogging. But we knew that would happen didn't we?

It's Thanksgiving week. I like to cook the big dinner, for a couple reasons. I like the leftovers! And with allergy issues, I'm picky. Over the years we've modified the menu a bit to be healthier. We have turkey for sure! For sides, we have roasted or steamed vegetables, and/or salad; sweet potatoes steamed or baked, with butter, no sweetener. Yes, we have potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and dessert. And one can choose to eat those things in moderation-or not! :)

This year we will spend the holiday at the apartment of older son and his girlfriend. She and I will cook together. We did phase 1 of the shopping yesterday and had fun and were quite efficient! Phase 2, the fresh veggies etc will be purchased Tuesday. It's working out well, and I think we are beginning a new tradition.

Holiday traditions are important. Sometimes when our life circumstances change, we want our traditions to stay exactly the same, but that's not feasible. We need to be able to honor traditions, but perhaps modify them to honor our new situation. My family is honoring my wish to cook, but at their apartment, which quite frankly has a much better kitchen!

I pray your holiday is wonderful, with people you love, with some old and new traditions, and some healthy choices along with some treats! 

I don't have a past photo of Thanksgiving dinner, 
so here is the "cornucopia" decorations from church :)

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