Tuesday, April 28, 2009

grumble.....woke up with a sore throat and laryngitis. very bad for a pastor to not have a voice. very bad for a gal who loves to laugh to not have a voice! So I am taking it easy today. With any luck I can take it easy for a few days. Got another full weekend, including preaching on Sunday. So I NEED to get better! years ago i worked thru a couple bouts of this and ever since then, my voice gets raspy at the slightest provocation. i'm afraid i may have slightly damaged my vocal cords. So now i baby myself when this happens.

This past weekend we renewed our wedding vows. Several couples did, as part of our church anniversary celebration. It was lovely. We gals were pretty glamorous! A couple of us were wishing we could duplicate the look, including professionally styled hair, on Sunday too! Then Martin and I went out for dinner and had a great meal. (i had filet mignon and triple chocolate cake for dessert, thank you very much) It was a bit pricey, but hey we only do this every 32 years!

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