Sunday, April 19, 2009

Affirming one another

Yesterday, I presented a session at our WCA annual meeting on Congregational Care. The main point was that everyone...let me repeat that, EVERYONE, needs someone to listen and to affirm our feelings. People in a church setting, pastors and not, can always help out another by listening to what they have to say, without making a judgment. And by honoring their feelings. "you sound really (insert feeling here)" is all you have to say. "Thank you for sharing" As i told folks, there will be times when you want to scream "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?" but if we are practicing good care of one another we will not. much later, maybe, if asked for advice, we may say 'perhaps you want to consider the consequences..." or some such. but the crux of the matter is we need to listen and affirm. And each of us needs someone to listen and affirm as well. Especially if we are in a position of being the listener for many others.

thank you for listening to me today :)

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