Saturday, April 11, 2009


Years ago I spent a lot of time reading about Greek and Roman gods. It was fascinating. These gods and goddesses were supposed to be so powerful, yet they had so many personality flaws! Jealousy, seeking revenge, and a lot of just plain pettiness. (just like us mere mortals!) and I wondered why would people worship such mean-spirited 'gods'? It just never made sense to me. Remember, I grew up un-churched, so I was not comparing the mythology with Jesus! It was just something I could not grasp. I knew ancient peoples needed to have 'explanations' for natural phenomena, but it was beyond me that they would have these deeply flawed beings to honor and worship.

Now, this was before I was in a church and reading the Bible. I was pretty clueless, but i sure knew that it was preposterous to 'worship' such nasty beings as we read about in mythology.

People have misconceptions about God. Sadly, the people teaching about God are, well, mere people. Imperfect who can not comprehend the vast, loving, perfection that is God (expressed thru Jesus Christ) So we may have heard that God is spiteful, punishing, angry God. And it may have come from people who come across as spiteful, angry, mean-spirited. So we presume that God is no better than the small-minded, angry people. God can be angry, but first and foremost, God is love. and God's anger is never mean or abusive. God does not MAKE bad things to happen to people. Bad things happen and God is with us always.

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