Friday, May 3, 2013

weight loss

This year, 2013, I am steadily losing weight and getting strong and healthy. I have done this before, and regained some weight, and learned along the way. So now, the beginning of May- 18 weeks into the year, I am down 16 pounds, have lost several inches too. Clothes that were tight or unwearable last fall fit loosely now! it's a great 'problem' to have :)

I've been asked what I am doing to achieve this goal. And it's not just what food, what exercises, it is a process.

We have to make the decision EVERY DAY, actually many times a day. Drink plenty of water. I also drink coffee and iced tea. But no soda pop, diet or not. Even diet drinks trigger brain chemistry that spurs overeating :( 

Eat lean protein, cottage cheese or good quality cheese, eggs, chicken or turkey breast. Fruit and/or veggies at EVERY single meal. Whole grains- whole grain crackers or tortillas-NO bread. except on the occasional burger, and those need to be VERY occasional. (my fave, the double from Culver’s is 700+ calories! Even the single is 500+! yikes!) LOTS of salad...a big salad is my ‘default’ supper. Add cheese, or chicken, I only use olive oil for dressing. I do NOT deprive myself of chocolate, which I love. But I eat in moderation, and make it the GOOD stuff, Dove Dark for example. and savor every bite.

It's important to eat mindfully enjoying the flavors and textures. and the colors! make the meal look good too. (The experts say to not eat while watching TV or on computer. I am working on that one.)

and most of all, eating to honor God and my body, which is God’s creation. Exercising—moving to honor and care for God’s creation. I am learning this stage, and it's sometimes hard to achieve every day, but making progress. One Step at a time! One day, one moment at a time, if need be!!
I am doing this to Honor My Lord God, to care for myself so that i may care for others.

thank You, God for helping me, and helping me understand this journey. help me continue to decide each day, with YOU, honoring You and all the ways You have blessed me. In Jesus’ Name i pray, amen.

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