Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Still losing weight!

Wow, i am down 20 pounds! in 21 weeks (this year so far). 

There are weight loss folks who say, "we've released the weight". That sounds sweet doesn't it? and I get it, 'Losing" something mostly means we want it back! and NO way do i want the pounds back! But to 'release" weight sounds to me like I have just sort of let it go free, like a little bird....well that is not how i feel about this. I have not "released" the weight, I have WORKED off every single ounce! 

It is work, it's been a challenge, it takes daily, hourly! commitment! but I am WINNING this! I am winning not because I am losing weight, i am winning because I make healthy choices. I choose to eat carrots, not chips. I choose to eat a garden salad for dinner instead of a big ole' burger. I choose to eat and savor a piece or 2 of my fave dark chocolates, instead of a bowlful of ice cream with topping! 

I make the choice to exercise, even with aches and pains, because i am learning that strong muscles support achy joints, and keep them flexible! I love to feel muscles working as i walk. I am learning that less weight on my knees helps me walk faster and further and feel better while I do so! I just feel better on my healthy plan and I am a better person, wife, mom, and pastor when I feel better! 

I have not deprived myself of treats!  But with the tracking tools, i can make adjustments and allow for small indulgences. Learning the calorie counts (and fat grams) of some of my favorite foods has been eye-opening! Tracking my nutrition and my exercise has helped me stay on task. There are many free sites online to track, I have used both Lose It! and SparkPeople. they have 'apps' for smartphone or tablet use too. 

If *I* can do this, so can anyone! I have done all of this with information & tools that are available at no charge! I do not have a trainer or gym membership. These tools help me and help millions of folks to make good choices that will benefit in the long run. It's all about the choices we make. I have never enjoyed exercise, but it's the key to losing weight and getting healthy, especially when one is middle aged! So I choose to focus on the benefit of that exercise, of knowing that it's part of caring for myself. 

I have made a commitment to be healthy, and fit, to eat clean, healthy foods that nourish me so that I can better serve Our Loving Lord. God has blessed me in so many ways, I can bless God by caring for myself, so that I can care for others in God's Name. 

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