Friday, February 26, 2016

We can do MORE!

This was an email I sent to the pastors participating in Community Lenten services. I sent it just before the services began on Ash Wednesday. This week, one of the pastors quoted me as she preached the message. 

At the Community Prayer Vigil a couple weeks ago, we gathered to say “No More!" We know that Beloit is a good place to live, that it is not a perfect place but a good place. And we say No More to the destructive influences here! Now we as churches are gathering on our Sundays and during the Wednesday Community Lenten services to say “We Can Do More!” We now raise our eyes to Our Lord, and look beyond our four walls to our whole city. We can meet through these Lenten services and in other groups. We will combine with churches and organizations to reach out to our city and beyond. We are stronger together than apart! A cord of three strands is not easily broken! We can take the knowledge and skills that we have individually and combine them, to make this city one that is known for compassion, commitment to improving life for all her citizens! We can do More!

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