Monday, July 27, 2015

getting better all the time!

Today is Monday, July 27. It's been a busy summer so far, with LOTS of ups and downs, like most of the rest of life! But today is also 10 weeks until my birthday, and 90 days until Lisa Rambo, former Biggest Loser contestant and dear friend, comes to Beloit! Lisa will tell her story at a public event at my church to help others be the BEST they can be!

Today, I commit to ROCK my program...healthy food choices, more exercise. And I commit to lose 10 lbs on or before my birthday. And I commit to ENJOY the journey.

Want to join me? A few times a week I will post tips and ideas that have helped me, and we will make this a positive effort. This is not just about weight loss, but about a lifestyle that promotes well being.  

This is not a competition. This is about supporting each other and being positive. Who's with me?  

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