Friday, October 24, 2014

another Friday Five from RevGalBlogPals

First, Sweet or Salty? Or both? Describe that gotta-have-it treat. (It can be healthy or paleo-friendly, or decadent. We won’t judge!)

sweet...(we are what we eat, right?-laughing) 
the gotta-have-it treat for me is chocolate ice cream, or being a Wisconsin gal, Frozen custard! With hot fudge, and oreo crumbles. Or mini choc. chips. Or a brownie....if I am going for it, I am going for decadence!

  1. Self-control: How do you help yourself stay strong with the temptation of All That Sugar?
Self-control? What is that? Seriously, this is a struggle and I have worked hard on it. Small portions, savored. Reminding myself of just HOW many calories/fat grams are in that decadent dessert.

  1. Have you successfully cut (or decreased) sugar out of your diet? How did you do it?
    Decreased yes. I have some good quality treat, and try to eat it slowly, mindful of the aroma, flavor, texture.
  1. What’s one sweet you won’t do without. Ever.
    Dark chocolate. Preferably Dove. But a Hershey's with almonds works in an emergency!
  1. Just for fun: if you were a candy bar, which one would you be?
    Snickers or Hershey's with almonds, sweet and nutty ;)


  1. Mindfulness - what a great reminder!! Thanks for playing! :)