Friday, August 2, 2013

Weigh to go ME!

Wow! I am down a total of 32 pounds in 31 weeks. Thank you God for helping me find a healthy plan that i can live with! thank you Spark People website for great information and tracking tools and community to help along this path! (SP is free!

Has it been easy? Not always. There have been days where I was tired, hungry, ornery...and blew the plan. But there have been a LOT more days of feeling good, feeling empowered! feeling, dare i say it? beautiful and strong! Feeling muscles work as i arms look more toned, and being able to carry grocery bags with ease. I walk faster, further and enjoy it more. 

and i have learned that one mess up of the plan is not a disaster. Just log-track the foods and water and exercise, and journal. Get back on track, and pay attention to what i was feeling and thinking that led to 'blowing' the plan. Then i can take steps to avoid more disasters. Paying attention to the details of of the food tracking, looking at the total intake of carbohydrates and protein helps me see where i might need to adjust my plan. 

and the clothes problem! the clothes i wore the last 2 summers are huge on me now. I got out jeans I hadn't worn in ages, i was too fat for, and now the jeans are too fat for me! 
GREAT problem to have :) 

SO today is a new day, a new day to eat clean, nourishing foods, to be active and enjoy my healthy lifestyle. and it's a new day for YOU too! Join me! 

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