Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Photography friendship

Being an amateur photographer, I enjoy and promote other's works. I've been able to work with some terrific professionals at weddings and have several friends who are photographers.

 This photo on Facebook started a friendship! 
This was taken at a community vigil here in town, after a tragic shooting. There was a large crowd, a true cross-section of the community. My friend Pastor Kenda spoke, and as she was about to lead us in prayer, said, "Go ahead, hug or take the arm of the person next to you! It's ok, we are here to be together!" We did. The next day a photographer posted many pictures she had taken at the event on Facebook; and someone tagged me in one, between an African-American woman and a Latino man. It's a powerful photo. 
Later the photographer, Viviana and I exchanged messages. We hit it off and met for coffee. We've become friends. I sat for her 'Everyday People" project and she took some great shots of me, including the one used for my 'google profile'. 

this link will take you right to my pic, scroll up and down to see others. 

Recently Viviana offered a "Best Friends" photo shoot option, which my longtime friend Sandy & I did. It was fun, and naturally we started laughing. We made Viviana laugh too, at one point she was having trouble holding her camera from laughing so hard with us! 

Thank you, Viviana! You are a blessing to me and to so many. You're incredibly talented and using your gifts to help people find beauty in life and to find their own beauty and joy. May God bless you always! 

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  1. Aww thank you so much Carol, our friendship was meant to be and I get chills every time I look at that photo of you at the vigil, something powerful in that moment called to every single one of us and I was just lucky enough to capture the moment. I've enjoyed our chats over the past year's time and getting to know you better has been a real joy - you bring so much happiness to others through your selflessness and genuine spirit of friendship with everyone you meet. Thank you for your beautiful words, I will cherish them always.