Saturday, November 5, 2016

topic: Dressing Up!

Missed the Friday Five post until late, so it's Saturday Six

1) Is dressing up fun for you, or a source of dread?
2) Whatever the occasion, is it all about the accessories, or the essence of the garment/ensemble itself?
3) Shoes. Discuss!
4) What's the dressiest thing in your closet that you would wear again?
5) Mornings at home: are you a pj lounger, or are you dressed first thing?

Adding #6, When you get home from work, lounge clothes or stay in work wear?

I used to dislike dressing up, my lifestyle didn't demand it often. I joked about 'dressing up' meaning to throw on a black blazer with my jeans! Then I became a Pastor and now wear more dressy clothes on a regular basis! 

2, accessories! I have a lot of scarves, many are gifts. It started out as a way to make a limited wardrobe look professional. Now I sometimes choose a scarf to wear and then build the outfit!

3-shoes... foot problems have drastically limited my ability to wear pretty shoes. But I have a few pairs that I can get by with for a Sunday morning or an event!
  1. dressiest thing I'd wear again-- a red/black print dress that I wore when hubby and I went put for our wedding anniversary. Most of my clothes are “church” wear. This is definitely a “date” dress.
  1. Mornings I am a PJ lounger. If i dress as soon as I get up, then spill coffee or get cat hair on myself, I'd have to change! (and both of those are very likely to happen)
  1. for the same reason, I change into pj pants or sweats when I get home from work, even if I have something later on. When home, I am COMFY.

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