Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Five: Sounds

Friday Five: Sounds

1. What sound is soothing to you? 
The sound of ocean waves ( I live in Wisconsin USA, so that sound is hard to come by naturally...I have CD and MP3 files to play) A brook running is a good sound too. There are a couple parks in town where I can go sit by water and just listen to it and to the birds. 

2. What sound do you find irritating?  
I can not stand the sounds of heavy machinery, jackhammers and chain saws and such. And that "beep beep beep" of a truck backing up...UGH 

3. What sound makes you happy? 
A baby laughing and cooing. 

4. What sound immediately gets your attention?  Sirens. 

5. What is your favorite sound to make? 
 I guess I would say to laugh. My late mother always criticized my boisterous laugh. But I can't help it, and so much of life is humorous! 

Photo I took last autumn of a little brook in a local park 

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  1. I love your little brook! It's getting dry here, in the middle of summer, so not much running water is available. Thanks for playing.