Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Losing 10 in 10 weeks :)

Losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks! 

My apologies for not posting for several days. As you may know, my weekend was rudely interrupted when I fell on Sunday and had to get some stitches on my forehead. There were no initial signs of concussion, but I am having to rest and recoup for a few days.

One of the most important aspects of a healthier lifestyle is balance! What I mean is keeping a balance between all the areas of our lives. --yes balance as in not falling down is good too....clearly I need to work on that! ;)

We were created us as physical, intellectual, and spiritual beings, so all aspects of our humanity need to be nurtured. This is especially true if we are caring for others. The human body needs rest, good nutrition, and adequate hydration in order to function well physically. When we are busy or stressed, we may take shortcuts, using fast meals or caffeine drinks to recharge. It works in the short term, but medical science reminds us that these choices may do more harm than good. Following a healthy plan is much better for the body. It takes a commitment to a plan, but we feel better, look better and function better in the long run! (and recover better when things go awry!)  

Last week i worked out 3 days and made an effort to walk more, even if it's a few steps by parking further from the door. I admit the sweet tooth is challenging me! But by watching portions and moving more, i did lose 1 pound during the first week! 

How are you doing? Take good care of YOU this week! 

My photo of the flag atop the Phoenix Building downtown Beloit. 

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