Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Five,- Ready to Go!
On your blog or in the comments tell us about five things you do to get ready to go. What do you do to prepare yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually to be away?

Well, this is timely, Hubby and I will soon be on the road! We are going (from home in southern Wisconsin) to Salt Lake City Utah, for our church's National Annual Meeting. This was not in our plans until just a few months ago-I was offered a leadership position! It's volunteer but my conference registration and half the hotel is paid for. So I have scrambled a bit to get the travel money, and plan the vacation that we 'wrap around" the conference.

So 5 ways I get ready to go?

LISTS! Written, and in Evernote, accessible from computer or tablet. (I don't have a smartphone..i use tablet instead) And since I keep my tablet next to the bed at night, I can update during the night if that's when I remember! And the inevitable written grocery list-- since we are driving we pack 'road snacks'. And my mental list of “today grocery store, tomorrow gas up the car...”

2) Google...maps, google search for parks, motels, restaurants on the way. Hubby & I have both spent a LOT of time doing this! He's been checking out Salt Lake City, as he is on vacation while I will be “stuck” in the hotel for the meetings :) 
I am checking out possible stops along the road there and back.

3) Packing and clothes are folded and ready. And since we leave Sunday afternoon (after church, the Deacons meeting, a potluck and handing out VBS door knockers...) I have what I will wear to church ready to go too. When we get home we will change, pack toothbrushes and the cooler...and OFF we go!

4) Getting a pizza from our fave place at home...because we rarely find a great pizza while traveling. And we will get one from our other fave place when we get home...for the same reason :) 

5) Preparing myself spiritually is the hardest right now...a person dear to me (who is only 56!) has stage 4 cancer and is getting hospice care. She lives about 45 min from us, and we will see her before we leave, and again on our way home. It is possible that she could pass away while we are gone. I probably would NOT be leaving if I had known she was terminally ill before I got the offer for the leadership position. I admit to telling God I am pretty upset right now!!

So this trip especially, I have to be open to having my plans change. That's the hardest for me, I LOVE making plans. And I can be flexible-I can change at the last minute. I may grumble, but I can do it. But I have to have that plan to start off with-- a plan from which to deviate! And I suspect that our Loving Lord has a good laugh at all my there is a much bigger plan than I or any of us, can possibly envision.

I am humbled and honored to now be part of our denominational leadership. I never planned that! And to be able to travel to new places is icing on a really great cake. I appreciate the support of my family and church to help us make this trip! I appreciate your prayers for travel mercies. And I crave prayers for comfort for our family as we face the untimely loss of a loved one, especially for her, for her children, and grandchildren.

So my biggest “plan” is savor the moment, even the planning and the re-planning. To make sure I savor the day-even a cloudy rainy day, because we are only here a short time. I will take a lot of photos on the trip, as that's how I savor, and capture those moments for remembering later on. I  love to capture images of the beauty in nature and all around us, and hopefully help others see God's beauty through my photos. 

This photo is a duck family on the river at sunset. -part of my planning the other day was to take a walk! 

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