Friday, January 23, 2015

a new Friday Five from RevGalBlogPals
It’s official. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you are experiencing winter. SO… tell us:
  1. Winter: What do you think about it in general? Do you love it? Hate it? Or say, “meh – it’s just another season!”
    I have lived all my life in Southern Wisconsin and I hate winter. I hate being cold, I dislike snow, I especially hate ice.....but I LOVE spring and fall, and one doesn't get either of those without winter. And I very much appreciate the beauty of fresh snow. Every season has beauty and my camera and I  like finding the beauty of nature all year round ;)
  1. Footwear: Show us or tell us about your favorite winter shoes/boots.
    I wear Crocs...old school black Crocs, because they are comfy on my achy feet, and Crocs do not slip easily on snow and ice :) but....they are ugly LOL
  1. Discuss: Pedicures in winter – necessity or silly? Necessary, tho my budget keeps me doing my own mani-pedis. 
  1. Toasty toes: Whether you knit your own or buy them, tell us what socks keep your feet toasty warm!
    ::::blushing:::  I am so boring...plain old white cotton sports socks.
  1. Driving me crazy: What do you wish the drivers around you would do to make travel during the winter months a little less nutty?
    Pay ATTENTION! Ice is not always visible! and your SUV, being very heavy is going to skid a LOT further than you think. 
BONUS: What’s the weather like out there? Share a picture so we can shiver or be jealous!
This is a pic i took a year or two ago by the river in town. Today looks pretty much like this :)  yes, it;s cold!

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  1. Ah... Lovely! I enjoy taking pictures of the beauty around me as well.