Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Confession and renewal!


As those close to me know, weight is a struggle for me. I was not heavy as a teen or in my 20s, in fact I could eat almost anything and not gain! but I slowly gained through my 30s and beyond. In my early 50s I weighed over 200 lbs. I am barely 5'3” yes I was quite overweight, obese. 

That was the end of 2007. in 2008 I lost between 25-30 lbs. Some crept back over the next couple years, but I kept off a total of 15 lbs. At the end of 2012, I was back up over 200 and not happy about it! Not all the way back up to 'morbid obesity” but definitely in bad shape. I reviewed what I had done in the past, mistakes & successes, did a lot of reading and research. My budget did not allow for joining a paid program. But online there is a TON of information, and some is even reliable! (a lot isn't! One MUST use common sense and do research. And ignore the TV doctors, who shill for their advertisers.) I didn't want to “diet.” I wanted to be healthy, to enjoy my family and to be able to serve God and serve my church for a long time to come. There is a site called Spark People that I had used before. It is all free to use. Tracked what I ate, tracked exercise. There is community support, good recipes. Lots of articles about motivation, nutrition info. They are ALL about helping people make good choices to live a healthy lifestyle, which is exactly what I wanted! They have recommended diets to follow, but with my allergies and general pickyness I worked out my own plan. Drink plenty of water. Have fruit and veggies at every meal, whole grains, lower fat, but use olive oil for the healthy Omega fats it provides. Lots of salads and fresh foods. Savor what I eat..enjoying the colors and textures, aroma and tastes. And a bit of chocolate...good quality dark chocolate is OK! That way one does not feel deprived :)

SO in 2013 I lost 48 lbs ::big smile!:: I felt great, following a healthy lifestyle, for maybe the first time in my whole life!
This year, 2014 I had hoped/planned to maintain over the winter and lose the last 15 before my 60th birthday in October.

Oops.... I didn't quite make it. I maintained over the winter, but...I have a thing for ice cream. And after a rough winter I celebrated spring. Some of those 'small servings, savored' gradually became larger, frequent servings.. and I wasn't as diligent about exercise. So about 10 lbs crept back. I am not blaming myself, but learned from the experience! I geared up in November and even through Thanksgiving stuck to my healthy eating, and have ramped up the exercise . I am back on the losing track. I am ready to make 2015 my best year ever. I know that after years-indeed decades-of failing to care for myself, it's something to commit to every day! Just as I read Bible passages and a devotion every single morning, I have to commit to care for myself in order to help serve God well. I am making 2015 new, as God makes all things new! Will you join me?  

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