Monday, May 18, 2009

pneumonia continued

I am (hopefully) over the pneumonia, the active infection anyway. but i have NO energy. and, yes, I am grumpy about it! Been reading a LOT. lots of sudoku puzzles. have made a few notes on topics, but not done any real writing. Watching an awful lot of tv. Cable reruns of WKRP and other oldies, and i adore watching Cash Cab on Discovery. and a few Seinfeld episodes. And movies, the Natural and a League of Their Own, 2 of my faves.

I was VERY sick. Probably a whisker away from being hospitalized, and actually, maybe should have been. the next day after diagnosis, i was awfully short of breath. But now, 2 weeks later, i am rarely short of breath, even yesterday at church, singing. but i am soooooooooo tired! (whine)

(2 1/2 weeks later, I still tire more easily than I think I should, but I am definitely better! Patience...with myself. not in my skill set!)

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