Friday, September 12, 2014

on RevGalBlogPals I found the Friday Five Random questions. here they are with my answers for today, Sept 12 in Purple

Random Friday Five is back!
  1. If you could sneak away anywhere this weekend, right now, all expenses paid, where would you go and what would you do?
    A)any sunny beach- ideally Florida. with someone to fetch food and beverage  :) (water and iced coffee...yes, i really AM that boring..)
  1. What is for lunch today? (one of the very first FF asked this.)
    A) leftover pizza -one of the best parts about making or getting pizza for dinner is the leftover the next day!
  1. Along that first-FF-I-ever-played theme, what are you wearing today?
    A) jeans, and warmup jacket cuz it's freakin' November weather! 
  1. Along the Today Theme, what are you doing today?
    A) catching up at home today, and going make soup, cuz it's freakin' November weather 
  1. Along the random theme, what is your favorite scent, and why?
    A) cinnamon, tho i love the scent of coffee brewing as i get up in the morning

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